…And 4 Years Later, Let the Party Begin!

By Dan Hokenson, senior, business administration major with an option in finance

And 4 years later, the adventure is coming to a close. After all the late nights studying at Meriam Library, the hundreds of Scantrons purchased and nervously turned in, and the countless numbers of essays written, it seems that my four-year experience at Chico State is finally coming to an end. On Sunday, May 22nd, I will receive my ticket into the next stage of my life – my BS in Business Administration, with an option in Finance.

I came to Chico State as a transfer student from Butte in 2009. I instantly felt like I was home at Chico State during the first week I attended classes here. I loved how intelligent the professors were, how helpful the advising staff was, and how friendly all the students were. And the best part about Chico State is how beautiful the campus grounds are, and all of the rich history and heritage in the original buildings that are still producing the world’s next leaders today.

My experience at Chico State has been one that I will remember for the rest of my life. The friends I have made up here, who I have shared the struggle of getting through school with, will remain my close friends for the rest of  my life. I will always remember the joy of finishing a semester, and then instantly crossing that semester off in my mind – “Another one down, only 3 more to go!” I eventually stopped thinking about the end; it always made it seem so far away. Once you get into the latter years of your studying, you tend to forget how close you are to the end. All of a sudden, it was September 2010 – only 8 months to go. And now, we are down to only a few days.

Looking back on my time here, I don’t think I would ever do anything differently. I am so grateful for the opportunities that Chico State has provided me. From the Leadership Boot Camp in spring of 2010, to the many career fairs I was able to attend, and the numerous on-campus interviews I have had, Chico State has provided me with the greatest toolbox I could ask for going into the “real world.” I am lucky enough to be one of the ones to already have a job coming out of school, and I owe that to the Chico State Career Center and to Chico State.

I will always remember the first day of each semester, all of the accidental naps at the library in between studying, the satisfaction in getting an A on a test, and the disappointment in getting an F on a test. I will always remember the weekends I spent with my friends downtown, the quiet (but quite hot!) summers in Chico, and the amazing array of colors that engulf Chico during the spring and fall.

And to the graduating class of 2011, congratulations—we finally made it!

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