A Walk Down Memory

As we begin the 125th anniversary of Chico State, we recognize the growth and development of our university since its establishment as Chico Normal School in 1887.

Throughout the years, more than a hundred thousand students have had their Chico Experience on campus. From those who helped create and transform the campus we know today to alums whose fond memories provide a glimpse into the past, the 125th Memory Lane webpage overflows with Wildcat pride.

As you scroll down the Memory Lane site, you’ll find video footage of dedicated individuals who are responsible for much of the institution’s advancement. Among these influential people is Glenn Kendall, president of Chico State College from 1950 to 1966. The current administration building, Kendall Hall, was named in his honor.

On the Shared Memories page, you’ll discover stories and photos submitted by Chico State alums, faculty, staff, and friends. The mayor of Chico, Ann Schwab, shares the day she spotted the love of her life, Budd Schwab, outside of Butte Hall.

For those intrigued by visual duality, a handful of historical campus and community photographs are paired with similar images from present day in the Then and Now gallery. In the photo below, you can see the progression of clothing and bike style from 1900, 1960, and 2011. How the times have changed!

The last section of Memory Lane is a captivating time line of the University’s history from 1887 to today. Not only does it share major triumphs of Chico State, but it also provides a description of the University’s early days and puts milestones into context by including major world events.

Do you have memories you’d like to share from your time as a Wildcat? Take a few minutes to tell us about your Chico Experience on the Share Your Memories page.

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