Take a Hike!

The Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve (BCCER) fulfills a variety of important functions: it provides numerous opportunities for graduate student research projects from archaeology to zoology; it serves as an outdoor classroom for third and fourth grade students who learn about its flora and fauna within the framework of California State Science Standards and California E.E.I.; and it provides a setting for the general public, students and non-students, to learn the nuances of its ecology from a number of exceptional naturalists in our area.

Beginning March 17 students and the public will have the chance to experience some of the remote and beautiful treasures of the BCCER as we offer the first of our 2012 Spring Hikes. Thematic  hikes take place almost every weekend through May and range from general natural history hikes to more specific topic such as orienteering, soils and bird song. These hikes are offered only in the spring of each year and provide a rare opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge from experts in their respective fields.

Come hike through the spring colors and pack a lunch to enjoy along the creek. These hikes will vary in difficulty allowing an opportunity for everyone.

March Hikes 

•March 17th – Wildflowers, Geology, and Natural History (Strenuous)

•March 25th – Orienteering: Finding your Place in the BCCER (Strenuous)

•March 31st – Outdoor Survival Skills 1 (Moderate)

April Hikes 

•April 8th – Flower Identification (Moderate)

•April 14th – Wildflowers, Geology, and Natural History (Strenuous)

•April 22nd – Spring Bird Identification (Moderate)

•April 28th – Identifying Spring Bird Song (Moderate)

May Hikes 

•May 5th – Outdoor Survival Skills 2 (Moderate)

•May 19th – Soils, Landforms and Vegetation of the BCCER (Moderate)

June Hikes 

•June 1st – BCCER and BCEP Annual Butterfly Survey (Moderate)

A maximum of 15 people per hike unless otherwise indicated.  Trips are free to the public but charitable donations are gladly accepted. For more information and to sign up call the BCCER office at 530-898-5010 or email them at bccer@csuchico.edu.

Photos courtesy of BCCER.

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