Introducing the Wildcat Store Blog!

By Julie Phayer, Student Marketing Assistant for the Chico State Wildcat Store

Here at the Chico State Wildcat Store, we are always looking for innovative ways to connect with our customers. We currently have multiple social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Foursquare), a monthly newsletter, and a website to represent the Wildcat Store. While we love using these platforms, we also want to reach out to our customers in a more casual style. A blog allows us to do just that, to interact and share with the Chico State community in a more conversational way.

Through the Wildcat Store Blog, readers have an opportunity to explore what life is like at Chico State. The Wildcat Store Blog highlights everything from Chico State events, featured student organizations, comedic YouTube videos, local stories, interesting articles, and so much more. Readers also have the opportunity to submit their stories about certain topics to be featured in the Wildcat Store blog. The Chico State Wildcat Store is your store, and we want the Wildcat Store blog to reflect you and your experience.

So take a look around, share a photo or two, and most importantly, take pride in being a Wildcat!

To contact Julie or the Wildcat Store Marketing Department, e-mail them at

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