Campus Construction Update

ConstructionWhen students come back for fall semester, they will notice a few changes to campus. The 1st Street Promenade’s third phase of construction is expected to be completed in early August. The Normal Avenue parking structure construction, which started in January, is looking better every day. The parking structure itself is on schedule for its August 2012 completion date, while the single-story administrative building is now getting its walls framed. The administrative building is also on schedule for its October completion date.

The 1st Street Promenade has been under construction the last two summers, and the third section, between Kendall Hall and PAC, is to be completed this summer.

1st Street Promenade

1st Street Promenade

What does the 3rd phase of the 1st Street Promenade construction include?


  • New storm drain system for 1st Street, PAC landscaping, and Kendall Lawn.
  • New irrigation system for  portion of Kendall lawn, Kendall node, and PAC landscaping.
  • Continuation of new steam line from Trinity node down 1st Street for the new Arts & Humanities Building.
  • Extending 12kV & 480V electrical conduit towards Normal Street for the new Arts & Humanities Building.


  • Recycled original pavement, approximately 2,500 yds. (about 400 dump truck loads worth of material), reused as base rock for new promenade.
  • Recycled construction debris (wood, concrete, steel, vegetation, cardboard, etc.).
  • LED pole lights.
  • Grass area used for storm water filtration.
  • Efficient new sprinkler system for new landscaping & Kendall Lawn.
  • On-site storm water treatment.

1st Street Promenade


  • 2 Seat walls
  • 12 Benches
  • Brick Pavers
  • ADA Accessible throughout

Design sketch of 1st Street Promenade

The Normal Avenue Parking structure will consist of 359 automobile parking spaces, 11 motorcycle stalls, 242 bicycle parking stalls, and a single-story administrative building.

Normal Avenue Parking Structure

Normal Avenue Parking Structure

The administrative building is starting to get framed.

Normal Avenue Parking Structure

The parking structure should be ready for student, faculty, and staff use before fall semester begins.

Normal Avenue Parking Structure

For more information on the construction projects on campus visit the Business and Finance website:

6 thoughts on “Campus Construction Update”

    1. Hope — That information is incorrect. Though the exact number of each type of spaces (R, F/S, or G permits) has not yet been announced, the structure will be for mixed use. The public and those without a campus permit will be able to purchase a pass by the hour to use the lot as well.

  1. I have been parking in the new structure since the semester began, and I can’t help but notice that the entire second floor of R1 spaces is empty every single day. This seems like a waste considering the cost of construction of the new facility. Will the university consider converting these to F/S-G spaces?

  2. Hope,
    Empty spaces are due to some people not having started using the new structure, and that we have not closed the Yuba Hall lot yet – when that happens in Dec., those spaces will move over to the structure. Then in Jan. campus will assess the use and could adjust some spaces to better serve people.

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