How the Career Center Can Help You Find a Job

Chico State Career Center

By Jodie Rettinhouse, Career Center Advisor

We’re the Career Center. Simply put, we help students and alumni get career positions and internships. Here are a few reasons to check us out:

We do resume and cover letter reviews. Writing a quality resume is the first step in a successful job search. Our friendly career advisers will help you edit and format your resume and cover letters.

We do mock interviews—and coordinate real ones.  You can practice your interview skills by doing a pretend interview with us. And did you know that real employers come to the Career Center and conduct real interviews for real career positions and real internships? It’s true. Really! You can find out how to sign up for these interviews at the Career Center.

We’re connected. We have an exclusive (just for Chico State students/alumni) job database we call JOBCAT, and we stay connected with students via Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In. And next time you’re on campus, be on the lookout for the Job Mob — it’s another way we stay connected with our peeps.

We host fun, educational events. From career fairs and workshops to our very popular etiquette dinner, we host multiple events each year. And yes, students DO tell us our events are educational and fun!

We know how to help those who don’t know. Are you confused about what major and/or career path to choose? We can help! As a starting point, we may suggest our new, online career assessment, FOCUS2. It’s free!

We help with grad school applications. We know the ins and outs of the sometimes-confusing grad school app process. We can help you set a timeline and review your application materials.

We welcome students of all majors, seeking all types of occupations.  If you’ve checked out our services and don’t see programs that seem to fit your needs, stop by or give us a call. We’d love to help you with your specific career plans.

We’re easy to find. Stop by SSC 270, call us at 898-5253, e-mail us at or check out our website:

See you soon in the Career Center!

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