Campus Construction Update 2

Construction workers have been quite busy on campus this summer with two major construction sites. The first site is the First Street Promenade project and the second is the Normal Avenue Parking Structure project. Below are a few photos of the progress of these projects. Enjoy these beautiful additions to our already beautiful campus.

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For more information on the City of Chico First Street/ Second Street Couplet project click here.

3 thoughts on “Campus Construction Update 2”

  1. Wow, when I read this I felt so angry and disturbed. A bunch of concrete, beautiful? Especially a bunch of concrete voted against by the student body, built fr the elite few who think they know better? I think this will be my last semester at Chico State. Saying a bunch of concrete put up in democratically is beautiful just goes to show that this school is not in harmony with my values, including honesty – you claim to be about sustainability, then do ‘t pollute the air with toxic construction. I have to hold my breath everything time I bike by!

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