Finding My Second Family

By Allie Morehead, Recreation Administration

Community Action Volunteers in Education (CAVE) has been a huge part of my life at Chico State.

I joined CAVE as a freshman because I was looking for a way to be more involved and feel more connected to the campus and community. That spring I volunteered for a program called E.L. Connections. The program sends Chico State volunteers to a two-way immersion school to work with kids who speak English as second language. I always enjoyed volunteering, and these kids would always brighten my day.

After my first semester of volunteering, I decided to join the CAVE staff and have stayed on staff ever since. For the first two years, I was a group leader for E.L. Connections. I interviewed potential volunteers, helped run feedbacks and orientations, called references, and answered any questions any of my volunteers had throughout the semester.

This is now my fifth semester on staff, and I am now a group leader for Outreach/Recruitment. My job is to help market CAVE. I help update CAVE’s social media accounts, decorate the office, make birthday cards for staff members, and a variety of other tasks.

I have learned so much about working in an office, and I can take these skills with me to the real world. I am also thankful for all of the wonderful and amazing friends I have made. CAVE is a second family to me. They have always been there for me while giving me hugs, love, and guidance. I give a huge thanks to CAVE for contributing to my amazing college experience.

For more information on how to join CAVE next semester, call 530-898-5817.

 Are you participating in CAVE now, or volunteering with other organizations? Make sure you log your hours on the My Service Counts website to help the campus community reach 125,000 hours this year. Also, check out the My Service Counts Facebook page for volunteer opportunities around Chico.

Exploring the San Francisco of England

By Kylynne Macfadyen, Music Industry & Technology and Mass Communication Design

“How was Brighton?” is a question I get almost every time I see someone I haven’t seen since December, when I left to study abroad for a semester in England. But how does one answer such a loaded question? The truth is…you can’t. All you can do is smile and say, “Study abroad was amazing and I loved every minute of it.”

Although this is a true statement, it doesn’t even begin to express how I really feel. I don’t believe that I will ever find the words to explain my time abroad. But I can say that living and studying in Brighton was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, one that has changed me forever. I was given the chance to live and go to university in a country completely different than our own and while doing so, I experienced a new culture first-hand and made a couple life-long friends.

Brighton is a vibrant city full of people from all walks of life; it’s even often referred to as “the San Francisco of England.”  During my stay there, I became acquainted with British music, food, and fashion but my favorite part of the English culture was and still is the dry sense of humor that most English people seem to possess. Some of the funniest, wittiest, most interesting people I have met are English, and I attribute this to their unbelievably sarcastic tone and snarky comments. Many of them really love to make playful pokes at American politics or pop-culture, but the funny thing is, they’re secretly fascinated with the United States and its people. Just don’t ask them to do an American accent…most of the time, they’re pretty atrocious.

Along with the humor, British phrases and slang are something I will always miss. Sayings like “top off” or “chuck it in the bin” are just a few of the many English expressions that I now hold near and dear to my heart. And although I love English speak, English food is pretty great in itself. Sunday Roast (a “Thanksgiving like” meal that is offered every Sunday in most pubs) will forever be some of the greatest stuff I will ever taste. I have fond memories of going to the pub on Sunday to watch the football game and have a roast with some of my English friends.

England is one of the most amazing countries I have ever been to, and I hope that I can make it back there some day. I am enamored with English people and their culture…and let’s be honest, the English countryside isn’t too bad either. By studying abroad, I was given the chance to learn and live in England for five months, and I will never forget the memories I made, the friends I had, or just how much that experience has changed me.

I’m a different person after studying abroad, and I recommend it with all of my heart. If you’re looking for an amazing, life-changing experience, studying abroad is the right decision for you.




Fall 2012 Study Abroad Information Sessions:

Wednesday 5-6 p.m SSC 150

Friday 2-3 p.m. SSC150


Wow, that is a really big number!

Throughout this year, Chico State has been holding a number of events in celebration of the 125th anniversary. On August 24, 2012 the University assembled 1,823 students, staff, faculty and alumni to spell out the numbers “1,” “2” and “5” 140 feet tall.  Below is the finished product and the time lapse video.


The Adventure Outings Experience

By Charles Finlay, AO Marketing and PR Coordinator

One of the best vacation experiences I can recall was my Staff Orientation trip with Adventure Outings, though it may not meet the strict definition of “vacation” for some. A trip with Adventure Outings can require effort, but is paid back tenfold in tangible memories and unadulterated satisfaction.

It was backpacking through the Ishi Wilderness, swimming through brush to emerge on a ridge with breathtaking views. It was learning hard skills and creating bonds with brothers and sisters who, at first glance, appeared to be strangers. It was standing in awe of the rugged terrain, inspiring geography, and the utterly sublime beauty of the wilderness. It was relaxing near the creek under a clear night sky after the best meal in my entire life.

Maybe not everybody agrees that being outside without a shower for five days and nights fulfills the definition of “vacation.” Maybe it’s just me. Trips with Adventure Outings give me space to think, time to ground myself in reality, and show me that happiness is more than a night downtown. People make the world much more complicated than it actually is. I challenge you to investigate; prove me wrong. Show me what is better than a weekend of clean air and good conversation with good people.

Adventure Outings offers mellow and relaxing trips such as Twilight Stand Up Paddling or Deer Creek Day Hike and Yoga. We also have technical and challenging trips such as Intro to Hardshell Kayaking.

Now is the time to book your adventure. We are currently offering our 2012-2013 Adventure Pass. This includes a weekend rafting trip, a weekend land-based trip, and a day trip. In addition, you get an AO shirt and two tickets to the Banff Film Festival Tour. All this for only $175 and your trips do not expire until the end of spring semester 2013.

Upcoming Trips:

  • Juniper Lake Canoe and Hike – Sept. 14-16
  • American River Raft – Sept. 14-16
  • Flume Day Hike and Swim – Sept. 15
  • Twilight Stand-Up-Paddle – Sept. 20

Come by our office in BMU 102, inside, just across from the bookstore or give us a call at 530-898-4011. Add us on Facebook at