My Summer Checklist

By Shyna Deepak, Chico State Social Media Intern

Hello again! I’m back, and this time with a mission. It’s my first summer in Chico, and when I am not attending to my duties as Chico State’s social media intern, I’m out exploring. By the time I graduate, I want to have accomplished everything there is to do in Chico.

Part of this is just an effortless piece of the Chico Experience—in this college town, I can step off campus and be downtown.

But to challenge myself to take advantage of my time in Chico even more, I’m starting a summer to-do list. The season is coming to an end in a few weeks, and I want to make the most of it.

summer checklist

Keep checking our blog for more updates as I try to complete this list.

4 thoughts on “My Summer Checklist”

  1. I like your summer activities list Shyna, – very interesting and egaging. Makes me want to create my own list.

  2. Another recommendation: explore somewhere OUTSIDE of Chico. From Oroville to Quincy to Black Butte Lake to Mt. Lassen (and even further and everywhere in between), there a zillion great places to see and experience. I had a roommate that had never left the city limits except when coming and going from Chico. Poor guy…

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