’Cat Tales: Cravings, the Olympics and Post-Zombie Apocalypse

By Quinn Western, Chico State social media intern

Three alums race to the 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon

Can you run 13.1 miles at a pace of 5:36 per mile? I didn’t think so. That was the pace set by alums Kara Lubieniecki and Alia Gray at the U.S. Half-Marathon Championships in Houston last weekend, qualifying them for the 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon. Joining them will be a third Chico State alumna, Lindsay Nelson Tollefson, who qualified with a time of 2:41:31 in the California International Marathon in Sacramento last month. This was a feat for the trio since the qualifying standards have been shaved from 2:46 for the 2012 Trials to 2:43, according to runnersworld.com. Lubieniecki (Biology, ’11), Gray (Journalism, ’12), and Tollefson (Psychology ’08) each won a slew of awards during their time at Chico State including earning All-American honors and now continue to lay those tracks.

•   •   •

Chico cravings

Butte Station is bustling during the tight squeeze between classes, coffee-dependent students swarm Common Grounds to get their morning fix and Marketplace Café releases a smell of fresh bread and chorizo. Sadasa North, junior exercise physiology, indulges in an omelet or hard-boiled egg every day for breakfast at Marketplace Cafe. “I’m actually eating better because I make better choices here,” she said. Kevin Garnica, junior civil engineering, also finds “the little salad place” great for trying to eat healthier. Let’s also not forget Sutter Dining with the welcoming Wonkalike décor and delectable Mongolian barbeque. But of course, dining on campus would be nothing without the relished hot dog guys. After being on campus all day, freshman anthropology major Jazmin Villa finds this to be most convenient. She prefers to get her dog doused with mustard and ketchup from Crazy Dog on First Street. No matter which place you prefer, nothing creates better memories than those Chico cravings.

Comment below with your go-to place to eat on campus.

•   •   •

“After the Fall” entered in Sundial Film Festival

Buildings and people are disintegrating, and the few who are left are armed and on edge at every turn. This is the post-zombie apocalypse setting in the short film “After the Fall” by the Digital Filmmakers Guild, a Chico State student group. “After the Fall,” which premiered last spring at the year-end SMASH awards at the El Rey Theatre, has been accepted into the Sundial Film Festival. The festival will be on March 9 at the Cascade Theatre in Redding. Congratulations to the Digital Filmmakers Guild and all who took part in the making of “After the Fall!” Tickets are on sale now. Good luck, Wildcats!

Directed by Christopher Parks
Produced by Taylor Sibbern (President Spring 2013)
Starring Kaylyn Dowd, Murphy Mayer, Zach Myers, Tim Ditmer, and Jason Bartus
Written by Christopher Parks, Taylor Sibbern, and Corryn Fleming
Edited by Christopher Parks and Taylor Sibbern
Music by Christopher Parks
Sound design by Cameron Farboud

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