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’Cats Trade a Day Off of School for Volunteering in the Community

By Quinn Western, social media and photography intern

‘Cats spent Monday making a difference in Chico by volunteering on their day off. Roughly 160 students took part in ‘Cats in the Community on Cesar Chavez Day, honoring Chavez’s legacy by giving back to the community.

JW Dobbe, the Associated Students commissioner of community affairs, said he received great feedback from all the sites where students volunteered. Community members said that the day was a lot of fun and they were very appreciative of the students coming out and making such a large difference, he added.

“It was a successful event,” Dobbe said. “One of the sites, Kentfield Garden, said it would have taken them 40 hours to do the work the students did in two and a half hours on Monday.”




10 Reasons to #ChooseChico

On the fence about making one of the biggest decisions for the next chapter of your life? You’ve probably taken the tours and seen the brochures that talk about our exceptional academic programs, and of course we are slightly biased, but we’ll see if we can sway you with a list of 10 more reasons you should #ChooseChico!

1. Best bang for your buck.

YES Chico State has been named a top-10 public university in the West by U.S. News since 1998, when the magazine started its ranking. We have also made Forbes magazine’s “best bang for your buck” list.

2. Chico may be prettier than your hometown.


We’re not kidding. Chico State has nine beautiful bridges on campus over Big Chico Creek. The same creek that runs through Bidwell Park (No. 5) also runs through campus. Chico State is the only California State University with a creek coursing through campus.

3. You don’t go unnoticed.

tumblr_lfgs5qywbw1qgxm4ao1_500 There is roughly one professor for every 22 students on campus. To put this in perspective, 64 percent of courses last year had less than 30 students in a single class. Students get to know their professors well and have a more hands-on learning experience — and professors always notice if you’re not in class.

4. We log more volunteer hours than you’ve been in high school.


Volunteering is more than just lending a hand. It’s giving back to a community that students feel a part of. Students logged 40,360 hours of community service during the 2012-13 school year – the equivalent of four and a half years.

5. Our backyard.

LIONKING2 Bidwell Park is the third largest municipal park in California and one of the 25 biggest in the nation. And it just might be the No. 1 most beautiful. Think of it as a Central Park a hop and a skip away from campus. Lower Park is greener and more urban, with One Mile, a popular community swimming hole. Upper Park has more wild space, with hiking/biking trails, Bear Hole (another swimming destination), and Monkey Face (a rock formation that’s great for climbing).

6. Not your average gym.

WorkingOutCat The Wildcat Recreation Center is equipped with a suspended indoor track, a climbing wall, three basketball courts, a multi-purpose court, a pool and hot tub, latest cardio and weight-lifting equipment, and group exercise rooms that feature tons of free classes.

7. Our scenery is cinematic.

TheAdventuresOfRobinHood Classic Hollywood movies like Gone With the Wind, The Adventures of Robin Hood, and The Red Badge of Courage filmed in Chico.

8. Don’t fret, you can be out in four (or two).

tumblr_muyq7n15Ze1rtbloio1_500 Chico State is one of the top schools in the CSU in graduation rate. And we plan to be number one!  Our new Aim 4 Four and Take 2 programs emphasize that graduating in four years for first-time freshmen and two years for transfer students are totally reachable goals.

9. ‘Cats clean up in the classroom as well as on the court, field, course and diamond.

wildcat You get the gist. Forty-seven student athletes received California Collegiate Athletic Association All-Academic awards last year. Oh yeah, this was all while competing as one of the top Division II athletic programs in the nation. Eight teams competed for national titles last year. It was also our third consecutive year claiming the CCAA Commissioner’s Cup.

10. It’s not easy being green — actually, it is.

tumblr_mb6vsaRrNP1rhubw5o1_500 Chico State hosts the largest student-run sustainability conference in North America. This Way to Sustainability brings together, students, faculty, administrators, and public officials to explore ways toward a sustainable future. Students’ passion for sustainability is also visible through the work done by Associated Students Recycling, which collects 600,000 pounds of recyclables each year with the goal of being zero waste by 2015.

BONUS: Wildcats in the house!

Wildcats dancingYou get to say that you were a Wildcat along with Troy Bolton and Sharpay Evans of High School Musical. The community feeling on campus is a reminder that “We Are All in This Together.”

Image sources: PixyGigglesRedFordTheatrethelifeinexilekadethebabegiphyTeamliquidGleewikinelsonmontyteen.com, Berahtee

Growing from “Like” to “Love”

By Katheryn Robichaud, Communication Studies, ’13

When I came to Chico State as a freshman, I was hesitant: How would the transition be? Is this the right school for me?

Katherine H blog picFor the first time, I was moving away from my home in Pleasanton, and I knew I would face some homesickness. I decided to dedicate freshman year to learning how to balance my time, studying for my classes, and becoming familiar with my new world. That year, I explored Chico, the downtown area, and Bidwell Park and made new friends living in the residence hall. By the end of my freshman year, I knew that I liked Chico, but I didn’t yet feel a strong connection to the campus and community.

Since orientation people had been telling me, “Make sure you get involved,” but I didn’t quite know how. I was unsure of what to do to feel more connected. My sophomore year, I decided to make joining a club a priority and ended up joining one within my communication studies major. The club helped me to meet people within my own area of interest and become friends with people in my classes.

At the same time, I became more familiar with the Chico area, learned all the streets around campus, and had got to know more of my professors and classmates. By the end of my sophomore year, I knew I really liked Chico.

Katherine H blog pic 2

But it was the third year that changed my entire college experience. My junior year, I became a Summer Orientation peer advisor, and it was one of the best opportunities I could have found.

As a Summer O leader, I trained for six months to become a Chico expert, and throughout the summer I got to welcome all the new freshmen and transfer students, orient them to campus, tell them the ins and outs of being a Chico State student, introduce them to graduation requirements, and help them pick out appropriate classes for their first semester. I got to share my own experiences with these students, and it felt great helping to kick-start their Chico Experience.

Meanwhile, I became friends with the other 28 incredible students who were hired as Summer Orientation leaders. Along with making connections with faculty on campus, I improved my teamwork skills, public speaking, and ability to interact with a different group of people every day. At the end of my third year, I loved Chico.

Katherine H blog pic 3

In my senior year, I continued with the Summer Orientation program as one of four senior staff members, meaning I got to help select the new members for the 2013 Summer Orientation, train them, and put on workshops to help the team bond. I concurrently had an on-campus internship, making it my busiest but most rewarding year. I now felt the strong connection to the campus and community that people had told me about when I first came to Chico. I finally fully understood that “getting involved” was the key to a well-rounded experience at Chico State.

I graduated this spring, and it is very hard to accept that this chapter of my life has come to an end. By graduation, I loved Chico State so much that I wished I could have stayed longer! After getting involved with Summer Orientation, making countless friends and connections on campus, and making an impact on new students, I can look back and say that coming to Chico State was the best decision I ever made.

Chico on Two Wheels

ArianaBy Ariana Altier, Sophomore, Sustainable Manufacturing

With the weather warming up and the flowers coming out, Chico is the perfect place to explore on a bike. Although it may seem relatively small, Chico is actually home to many nationally competitive cyclists and the host of one of the largest road bicycle races in California.

 Chico is also home to Bidwell Park, one of the largest municipal parks in the United States, which is teeming with trails that stretch up and down its length.  Bidwell Park begins in downtown Chico and snakes up along BigNorthrim trail Chico Creek Canyon. The lower section of Bidwell Park is a great place to go for a picnic or casual ride or stroll. There are picnic tables, lots of shade, and numerous deep places in which to swim.

The upper portion of Bidwell Park is by far the most popular spot for mountain bikers in Chico and the surrounding areas. Chico is notorious for its lava rocks, and Upper Park is no exception—the trails and rough and rocky. Local cyclists claim that if you are able to confidently ride Upper Park trails, then you are pretty much capable of anything. No bike in upper parkmatter what skill level the rider, the park provides numerous trails, ranging from beginner to expert. The awesome thing about Bidwell Park is the abundance of good swimming holes. After a hard bike ride, you can ride directly to the creek and go for a dip.

 I began riding my freshman year when I joined the cycling club here on campus. I was hesitant to compete in the races because I was new to the sport and had little experience. However, once I experienced my first race, I immediately knew that I had found something that would stay with me forever.  

The Chico State cycling club takes advantage of the trails in the park by holding practices, and the occasional race, in Upper Park. Every fall, the cycling club competes all across California and Nevada and occasionally as far away as New Mexico and the East Coast.  The cycling club is oriented for people looking for off-road thrills. It is a great place for Chico teamlike-minded students to travel together to awesome venues to ride mountain bikes. We can be found on Facebook.

There are many other ways to get involved in the cycling community, whether you are an experienced rider or just someone looking for a good time. Chico Velo Cycling Club  is a large road biking club that offers many group rides and races.

Whether you are just the casual rider out on a short ride or the avid cyclist looking to push yourself in your discipline, I guarantee that Chico has something for you. So next time you are bored at home and looking for something to do, grab your bike and head out for a ride!


For bike routes in Chico and Bidwell Park, check out these links:

Chico Velo Cycling Club maps: http://www.chicovelo.org/main/area-rides

Upper and Lower Bidwell Park: http://www.bidwellpark.org/page/explore-bidwell-park/park-maps.php


We all know selecting a college is a tough choice. Here at Chico State, we want new students to be sure. That is why we offer an open house and day of activities that will help prospective students decide if Chico is the place for them.

In anticipation of this year’s Choose Chico! event (April 6, 2013), we asked our current students and alumni on Twitter to share why they chose Chico State. The response was overwhelming; Chico is a special place.

Many based their decision on our program offerings:


Several students/alumni mentioned our small class sizes:

Some even chose Chico because of a personal connection:

And, of course, almost everyone mentioned the overall atmosphere of Chico including downtown, Bidwell Park, friendly folks, and our beautiful campus:



Have another reason to share? Leave a comment and tell us why you choose Chico.

Admitted students, visit us this Saturday, April 6 for Choose Chico!: http://www.csuchico.edu/admissions/choose_chico.shtml

Follow us on Twitter @ChicoState.

Summer Photo Challenge

During the fall and spring semesters, we invited our Facebook and Twitter communities to share photos of the changing seasons. We decided to keep the tradition going by asking our followers to send us photos of their choice Chico summer hangouts. We received many gorgeous photos, but can only post a few, so here is a collection of our favorites. Enjoy!

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Five Things I Miss About Chico State

By Christine Amorose (Journalism, ’09), http://www.CestChristine.com

It’s been three years since I graduated, but wandering through the campus recently still brought back brilliant memories: sprawling out in the Glenn Hall grass in the sunshine between classes, lacrosse runs (with sticks and balls) that crossed all seven bridges, wearing my ADPi letters for the first time on a Thursday. Just as I was Graduation Photooverwhelmed by the beauty of Butte County, I was impressed by the lush green campus. Why didn’t I appreciate this more when I was a student?

I don’t know if I could ever move back to Chico: I’ve spent the past few years living and traveling around the world, and I’ve discovered I have a penchant for big, bustling cities. But the four years I spent at Chico were some of the best of my life, and there are certainly a few things I wouldn’t mind carrying with me wherever I go.

Farmers Market: I loved waking up early on Saturday mornings, grabbing my Chico Bag and walking to the Farmers’ Market. I’d get a cup of Chico Chai to sip as I wandered the stalls, picking up my favorite brown rice, seasonal fruit and vegetables, fresh flowers, One Mileand perhaps a tamale for lunch.

Bike culture: I had a beautiful lime green three-speed cruiser that carried me to lacrosse practice, to parties, to One Mile. I love how easy it is to bike around town – to get to class or work and to run errands. I also loved just going on bike rides with friends to while away an afternoon in Bidwell Park—the perfect excuse to skip the library and get outside on a sunny spring day!

Living minutes from all of my best friends: I lived in Whitney Hall my freshman year, and after that, I lived downtown for three years. I either lived with my best friends—one year I lived with eight other girls in a renovated Victorian, another Chico State Campuswith 20 of my sorority sisters in the ADPi house—or minutes from them. Keeping in touch with constant texts, occasional phone calls, and annual weekends in San Francisco just isn’t the same as seeing each other every day.

The beautiful campus: I love the springtime blooms, the bubbling creek, the smorgasbord of trees. The amphitheatre on the creek was actually one of the clinchers when I was deciding where to go to school: what other campus not only has a creek running through it year-round, but has Amphitheatrea nearby amphitheatre with the stage on one side of the creek and the seating on the other?

The little things: I miss the mural on the side of Taylor Hall. Eating a pastry in the window at Upper Crust. Going tubing on the Sacramento River. Samplers at Sierra Nevada. Spending my mornings in the TGC (Tehama Group Communications) office. ‘80s night at LaSalles. Study parties on the fourth floor of Meriam. Tropical fish tacos at Tres Hombres. When the leaves changed in autumn and the whole campus turned a thousand luminous shades.