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Little Bit of Sugar, Whole Lot of Spice

Maretta Lubov De VenutaBy Maretta Lubov De Venuta, Senior, Psychology                   DJ name= DJ Spice, Show name=The Spice Cabinet

My internship at Chico State’s radio station, KCSC Radio, has been a unique experience that I will cherish and take with me for the rest of my life. I co-host the raw and random show “The Spice Cabinet” as DJ Spice with my ever-so-clever and witty co-host DJ Sugar every Friday from 3 to 5 p.m. at KCSCradio.com.

Interning at KCSC Radio has been a unique experience within my college career. I am a psychology student who has mainly been involved with other Associated Students programs such as CAVE, so having the opportunity to expand my knowledge base in such an eclectic environment has been fantastic. This is my third semester interning at the station, and I have learned so much. As a first semester intern, I was just getting a feel for what this whole “college radio” thing was.

All first-semester interns take a crash course about the radio industry run by Thomas Welsh. This course was really interesting and entertaining, with guest speakers from local radio stations. We learned all about FCC regulations, what is acceptable for FM/AM radio, marketing in the 480687_120948864721954_1304143513_nindustry, airtime for commercials, and the difference between FM/AM regulations and the unregulated Internet radio. We even got a chance to write our own 30-second commercial for a product or business. This course is a six-week course you must attend to get intern credit, also each intern must have a staff postion. Most new students choose or get assigned to promotions (“promo”) staff. This is where I was, and I could be found in Trinity Commons weekly handing students a flyer, program guide, sticker, button, candy, or even a free high-five.

Other staff positions that are available to KCSC interns are music staff (review the 601557_10151347175517869_114036505_nmusic), production staff, and library staff, among others. My second semester I was to join library staff, where I did just as it sounds: alphabetized, labeled, cataloged, and organized all the music. Doing this was perfect for me since I love to organize things. Plus, this made having a new music show much easier, for I knew where all the CDs where.

For a new music show, the DJs are supposed to choose through a rather good-sized selection of current CDs that have been sent to the station. The genres of music include local bands, hip-hop, alternative/ general rock/folk/misc., and RPM or electronic based. This was the best way for a someone like me who liked music and enjoyed most genres but 315620_10151107835061334_26549689_nwas not an avid researcher of new bands and music. There in the station I had at my fingertips all this relatively new and under-the-radar music. Since KCSC’s motto is “anything NOT top 40,” it really comes down to getting the less-recognized music out there for the world to hear, starting with the college crowd.

Now as a returning DJ, I have a free-form show where I play what my heart desires. Which means I wing it day to day depending on my mood and the mood of my co-host. We have the freedom as an Internet radio station to play uncensored music, and occasionally we will play something with some sensitive language. But on the whole, we try to keep it clean, as our families may be listening. This is another amazing thing about KCSC being Internet radio—listeners can listen to us anywhere! I have friends that I met traveling and studying abroad who tune in, and thanks to social media, they have the ability to comment and request music from Europe.


Top 10 songs by bands you should be obsessed with:

1) KCSC overall staff pick: “Carried Away” by Passion Pit – http://passionpitmusic.com/

2) Local Awesomeness: “Stick With Me” by Nicki Bluhm  – http://www.nickibluhm.com/listen/

3) Band with all amazing songs but this is my new favorite right now: “It’s Aright” by Matt and Kim – http://mattandkimmusic.com/

4) Great Folk/ Bluegrass trio: “The Once and Future Carpenter” by The Avett brothers – http://www.theavettbrothers.com/

5) Folk/ Bluegrass singer my entire family is obsessed with: “I’m So Gone” by Jackie Greene – http://jackiegreene.com/

6) Great band with a new album coming out soon: “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk – http://www.daftpunk.com/

7) Amazing Singer/Songwriter from my home town (Lafayette, CA): “The Village” by Camaron Ochs – https://www.facebook.com/camaronochs

8) All Time Favorite Band still making tunes: “Ooh Poo Pah Doo” by Steve Miller Band – http://www.stevemillerband.com/

9) Makes you wanna Dance: “Dance Your Ass Off” by Robbie Rivera – http://www.robbierivera.com/

10) Something for the Hoedown: “Old Number 7” by The Devil Makes Three – http://www.thedevilmakesthree.com/


Why Stop on an Even? A Bonus Track for the Lovers: “We Will Become Silhouettes” by The Postal Service – http://postalservicemusic.net/