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10 Reasons to #ChooseChico

On the fence about making one of the biggest decisions for the next chapter of your life? You’ve probably taken the tours and seen the brochures that talk about our exceptional academic programs, and of course we are slightly biased, but we’ll see if we can sway you with a list of 10 more reasons you should #ChooseChico!

1. Best bang for your buck.

YES Chico State has been named a top-10 public university in the West by U.S. News since 1998, when the magazine started its ranking. We have also made Forbes magazine’s “best bang for your buck” list.

2. Chico may be prettier than your hometown.


We’re not kidding. Chico State has nine beautiful bridges on campus over Big Chico Creek. The same creek that runs through Bidwell Park (No. 5) also runs through campus. Chico State is the only California State University with a creek coursing through campus.

3. You don’t go unnoticed.

tumblr_lfgs5qywbw1qgxm4ao1_500 There is roughly one professor for every 22 students on campus. To put this in perspective, 64 percent of courses last year had less than 30 students in a single class. Students get to know their professors well and have a more hands-on learning experience — and professors always notice if you’re not in class.

4. We log more volunteer hours than you’ve been in high school.


Volunteering is more than just lending a hand. It’s giving back to a community that students feel a part of. Students logged 40,360 hours of community service during the 2012-13 school year – the equivalent of four and a half years.

5. Our backyard.

LIONKING2 Bidwell Park is the third largest municipal park in California and one of the 25 biggest in the nation. And it just might be the No. 1 most beautiful. Think of it as a Central Park a hop and a skip away from campus. Lower Park is greener and more urban, with One Mile, a popular community swimming hole. Upper Park has more wild space, with hiking/biking trails, Bear Hole (another swimming destination), and Monkey Face (a rock formation that’s great for climbing).

6. Not your average gym.

WorkingOutCat The Wildcat Recreation Center is equipped with a suspended indoor track, a climbing wall, three basketball courts, a multi-purpose court, a pool and hot tub, latest cardio and weight-lifting equipment, and group exercise rooms that feature tons of free classes.

7. Our scenery is cinematic.

TheAdventuresOfRobinHood Classic Hollywood movies like Gone With the Wind, The Adventures of Robin Hood, and The Red Badge of Courage filmed in Chico.

8. Don’t fret, you can be out in four (or two).

tumblr_muyq7n15Ze1rtbloio1_500 Chico State is one of the top schools in the CSU in graduation rate. And we plan to be number one!  Our new Aim 4 Four and Take 2 programs emphasize that graduating in four years for first-time freshmen and two years for transfer students are totally reachable goals.

9. ‘Cats clean up in the classroom as well as on the court, field, course and diamond.

wildcat You get the gist. Forty-seven student athletes received California Collegiate Athletic Association All-Academic awards last year. Oh yeah, this was all while competing as one of the top Division II athletic programs in the nation. Eight teams competed for national titles last year. It was also our third consecutive year claiming the CCAA Commissioner’s Cup.

10. It’s not easy being green — actually, it is.

tumblr_mb6vsaRrNP1rhubw5o1_500 Chico State hosts the largest student-run sustainability conference in North America. This Way to Sustainability brings together, students, faculty, administrators, and public officials to explore ways toward a sustainable future. Students’ passion for sustainability is also visible through the work done by Associated Students Recycling, which collects 600,000 pounds of recyclables each year with the goal of being zero waste by 2015.

BONUS: Wildcats in the house!

Wildcats dancingYou get to say that you were a Wildcat along with Troy Bolton and Sharpay Evans of High School Musical. The community feeling on campus is a reminder that “We Are All in This Together.”

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’Cat Tales: Saving Lives and the Planet

By Quinn Western, social media intern

The Value of Being a Living Donor

Dr. Nandi Crosby, wasn’t nervous in the months leading up to surgery. It wasn’t until she lay in a cap and gown on a gurney next to her brother in the same attire that she started to feel the jitters. Their mother cried.NandiCrosby

The professor of sociology and multicultural and gender studies was undergoing surgery to give her brother a kidney.

“I’m making jokes and my brother’s saying thank you 50 million times,” Crosby said.

Her brother learned as an adult that he had a genetic kidney disease—eventually both his kidneys would fail.

After a successful transplant, Crosby’s brother traveled and lived a normal life for two years, until he got sick of pneumonia and had to have the kidney removed.

Crosby, now on the committee that selects the speakers for TEDx Chicoperformed a spoken-word TED Talk in November 2013 about being a live organ donor.

“Most days I don’t even think about missing a piece of my body the size of my fist any more than I think of hair and nails trimmed away,” Crosby said in the talk.

Her message was clear. There are thousands of people waiting for organs, like her brother, who now takes medication and is on dialysis to supplement the absence of any kidney.

Some die waiting.

And now her brother’s son has been diagnosed with the same disease at 15 years old. He will also likely require a transplant, Crosby said in her speech.

“The real tragedy here is not just that my brother cannot save his own son’s life because he has no kidneys to give him, but that so many other daughters and sons will suffer because there is too little inspiration being spread about the splendor of becoming a living donor.”

•   •   •

Sustainability Conference Applicable for All Students

This Way to Sustainability is the largest student-run sustainability conference in North America. This year’s event is being headed by student coordinators Jordyn EllorinSheridan Ex, and Avalon Brown with the assistance of more than 100 student volunteers.

The conference, which is being held March 6–8, will include keynote speakers from places including Oregon State and North Carolina State.

“It’s a regional conference now, which is awesome,” Ellorin, a freshman animal science major, said.

The theme this year is agriculture, chosen in response to surveys of last year’s attendees. Topics will include drought, soil management, sustainable cosmetics, and many more—more than 150 speakers are scheduled. There will also be workshops, the Greenie Awards, and a local lunch at University Farm, where Secretary of Food and Agriculture Karen Ross will speak.

“It covers all of the global issues we are facing today,” Ellorin said.

More than 9,000 people have registered so far, 700 of them students, she said. Online registration ends on Friday. Attendees can also register in person, provided there is space available. There are already more than 1,000 people signed up for breakfast at the University Farm next Saturday.

Ellorin stressed how valuable it is for students to attend. It’s not just applicable to agriculture or environmental students, it’s applicable to everyone, she said.

“It’s important for students to be aware about the global issues we have and how they can participate and make it better. [Things are] changing no matter what, we want to change it for the better.”

Click here to learn more and register for This Way to Sustainability.

Chico State Explores the Way to Sustainability

evg_1354139175By This Way to Sustainability lead student coordinators Michelle Libman, Senior, Recreation Administration, and Brittany Williams, Senior, Environmental Science

This Way to Sustainability is a student-run conference that hosts more than 100 speakers and 1,400 participants at California State University, Chico. It provides a forum to discuss current issues that are relevant to us all and includes workshops, seminars, posters, and facilitated discussions. The eighth annual conference is happening this Thursday and Friday, March 7 and 8.

A student-chaired conference steering committee is responsible for determining the themes of each year’s conference. TWTSVIII_groupThe Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD) hosts the conference steering committee, whose membership consists of student leaders from campus organizations, faculty advisors, and ISD staff.

We were chosen to be the two lead student coordinators to execute the day-to-day functions and planning, and to coordinate other volunteers. This event requires over 100 volunteers each year. Teri Randolph, assistant to the director of ISD, aids the student coordinators with planning, logistics, and coordination of the conference.

Many students also work behind the scenes aspects to make this conference happen. Students coordinate all the session moderators. Students who work with AS Catering to provide participants with food and beverages. Students organize all the smaller events within the conference—planning the entertainment, the decorations, the activities, and the flow of a particular event.

twts6Without the help of students, this conference would not happen. Chico State students are passionate about sustainability and work year-round to make this conference possible.

While there is so much going on at the upcoming This Way to Sustainability VIII, we are both very excited to see Chris Jordan’s keynote presentation. We are captivated by the way he incorporates mass consumption and waste into beautiful pieces of art. They provide a dramatic, yet moving, illustration of how we as humans are affecting the world we live in.

Chico State is known for being a sustainable campus, but do you know all the reasons why? Many people are probablytwts5 unaware of the numerous outstanding sustainability programs, many of which are student started and student run. During the conference, we will be showcasing these organizations in the Bell Memorial Union Auditorium from 8–10 a.m.

This Way to Sustainability VIII is open to the public. Registration is free for all students and $20 a day for all other registrants. Online registration is currently closed, but you can register the day of the event. Registration includes continental breakfast, over 70 workshops, featured films, and much more. Individuals can view our full conference program by visiting our website or download our mobile app by visiting http://my.yapp.us/BDZLBH on their mobile device.